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Larry: “In this era of commercial music, it is hard to find music which is performed for purpose of the upliftment of the music and listeners, and not just to showcase the ability of the musical arranger or the performers. Especially regarding music which has been arranged and performed many times in the past, there is a tendency to want to reinvent and add to the music in order to be different. In my opinion, this often leads to the music becoming diluted, and distant from the original composer’s intention.


My intention with this disc was to try as best as I could to bring back the original essence of the holy nigguns that are within, and at the same time hopefully spiritually uplift the listener. This concept proved to be very difficult, and a thin line had to be tread between making the melodies clear and simple, and at the same time bring something new.


A few things make this disc special, in my opinion:


The violin and guitar were recorded live and together, as opposed to recording separately and having more headroom for editing. Each niggun was performed from beginning to end just a few times in succession and then the best take was chosen for the disc. This makes the result sound more natural and organic, and the flow of the music is not interrupted by frequent splicing of various takes.


The guitarist, Nadav Bachar, used a combination of acoustic and classical guitars in the recording studio. One of the classical guitars was strung with three bass strings to give the effect of a bass guitar and to add depth to the harmony.


The violin was strung with wound gut strings, giving a beautiful, warm and organic sound compared with regular nylon-core strings.



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